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So, here is the thing, we are growing and have a vacancy in our office working behind the scenes making all the magic happen, well we just need someone to help us get things organised..

We are therefore looking for an all round administration god to help kick our small team in Whitstable into shape, create purchase orders, make forms look pretty and other adhoc tasks as well as work across our big sister company Amelix.

As you may know if you have read through our site the company was setup by Louis and Lisa Hurst who already have another business called Amelix (named after Amelia and Felix, the couples eldest children) – in the same way HatHats is named after Hattie the couples youngest child.

The job role would be working across all the businesses and the workload will be incredibly varied and we mean varied from setting up stock systems for smoothie mix, to helping customers with broadband issues or organising roadshows for shopping centres or police forces  (Amelix do this stuff!)

We are a very small, friendly team and we need someone who wants to be somewhere that cares and more importantly is open to change and prepared to role their sleeves up and get stuck in.

We can be uber flexible on hours, so if you wanted to work this around childcare commitments or have it as a term time only role we are sure we could work something out.

We would really appreciate it if you could share this page with anyone you think maybe interested

Thank you

Oh you can click here for the full job spec


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