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Its National Apprenticeship Week! – Meet Charlotte


You may have seen in the news that it is National Apprenticeship Week. Here at HatHats Coffee we are big fans of the apprenticeship scheme and think every business should take on an Apprentice.

So, seeing as it is National Apprenticeship Week we thought we would introduce you to Charlotte Thomson our superstar apprentice, she has only been with the company for a few months but is already one of our key members of staff with a big career in coffee ahead of her.

Charlotte has not only working on her apprenticeship qualification through Canterbury College she has gained additional qualifications in Food Hygiene, Health & Safety in the Workplace, the Safe Use of LPG as well as visited our roastary to get some first hand experience of the Coffee Roasting process and expert Barista training.

Like all of our awesome staff we are really proud of Charlotte and all she has achieved. Charlotte is the first of many apprentices we hope to take on in the future. We recently made a short video about why Charlotte is such an awesome apprentice!

We are committed to offering employment opportunities to young people. We would also like to thank our friends at Canterbury College for all their help with Charlotte’s apprenticeship as well as the other partners who have given help and support on Charlotte’s journey!



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