Pay It Forward



We are passionate about creating a good cup of coffee, yes our beans need to be roasted to perfection to create our unique taste, but we also want the coffee to do good as well! At everyone of our outlets you can pay forward a cup of coffee to do some good!

We are big believers in the pay it forward movement, if you would like to pay forward a drink to someone who can’t afford one you can do so below. Our teams take hot drinks and cakes to those living rough on the streets in the UK. We use all the money paid forward to pay for the drinks and cakes but also purchase sleeping bags and warm clothing. At Christmas we also provided food for the local food banks.

We call it ‘Bean doing good’ and as a business we match drink for drink everything that is paid forward.


You can also pay forward a drink for the coffee growing communities that we set projects up in around the world. Find out more about the Treasured Bakery project we helped fund in the slums of Uganda from drinks that were paid forward to the coffee growing world.

You can pay forward any drink at any of our outlets, when you pay forward a drink just let us know if you would like the money to stay locally, go to the coffee growing communities in the developing world or just do some good with it.