Amelix Telecom Crepe Connections (November) - HatHats Coffee

Amelix Telecom Crepe Connections (November)

RRP £7.50
On Thursday 22nd November 8-10am we are delighted to welcome Louis Hurst (Amelix Group founder) and ultimately our boss to our Crepe Connection Business Networking event at HatHats Coffee Company in Reculver. 
His journey is really inspiring (and we're not just saying this because he pays our wages!). 
His talk ‘Nappies with Nectar Points’ tells about his entrepreneurial journey from a teenage school dropout/Radio DJ to serial entrepreneur and he will share the bumps and lessons he has learnt along the way.
Louis will also share his 4 rules of life which can be applied to growing a business but equally to propelling your career. The talk will also touch on his belief in ‘Conscious Capitalism’.  Louis lectures around the UK and will talk more about his mantra that we live by in the Amelix Group which is ‘a business that makes just money is a poor business’.
We promise you that you will leave the session feeling inspired.
Tickets cost just £7.50 and include a crepe and as much tea, coffee or hot chocolate that you can handle. 
If you are an Amelix Telecom customer you can go for free, simply email your account manager or Chelsea Newton for a free ticket!

 Our December event will have a Christmas Twist to it, at the time of publishing this page it is still in its planning stages but full details will be published soon!