HatHats Travel Mug - HatHats Coffee

HatHats Travel Mug

RRP £10.95

Our ceramic travel mugs are ideal for the hot drink lover who is always on the go. Not only are they great for the environment if you take them to any HatHats Coffee Outlet we will give you 10% off the cost of every hot drink every time you use it so the mug will pay for itself in no time! We also like to keep things simple so the 10% offer can be used with any other promotion without any small print.

Oh, and by using one of our travel mugs your helping the environment! Whilst we are proud only to use eco friendly compostable bio-degradable takeaway cups at all of our outlets, if we don’t have to use one it is even better!

The mugs are dishwasher proof and keep drinks nice and warm for a lot longer than some other cheaper ones on the market.