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Yoga Movement and Wellness

RRP £5.00


Join Jasmin in the Coastal Classroom for some taster baby and toddler yoga sessions!

These sessions are tailored to age groups, please check this when booking. All equipment will be provided. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

The benefits of Baby Yoga include:

  • Improves sleep regime and helps babies calm and settle
  • Enhanced communication between parent and baby
  • Physically strengthening the body
  • Development of the brain is enhanced through tactile stimulation
  • Stimulation of the senses
  • Helps relieve colic and improves digestion
  • Bringing balance and harmony to homeostasis

The benefits of Toddler Yoga include:

  • Increase strength, coordination and flexibility
  • Improves balance and body awareness
  • Benefits mental health and wellbeing
  • Improved concentration, calm and relaxation
  • Promotes self-health and inner fulfilment
  • Fosters cooperation and compassion